He who lights a lamp for someone else, brightens his own path as well

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Term Academic Calendar

Activity Schedule
Resumption for staff Friday 4th January 2019
Resumption for Student Sunday 5th January 2019
Opening mass Tuesday 8th January 2019
Catholic School week Sunday 27th January -Saturday 2nd Feb. 2019
First continuous Assessment Wed. 6th Feb - Fri 8 Feb 2019
Mid term break Sat.9th Feb-Sun. 17th Feb. 2019
Mathematics competition Fri. 22nd Feb. 2019
Spelling check competition Fri. 8th March 2019
Visiting day/PTA Sat. 9th March 2019
Ash Wednesday Wed. 13th March 2019
Submission of Exam Questions Tuesday 26th Feb.-Fri.1st March 2019
Second continuous Assessment Wed. 17th Feb.-Fri. 1st March 2019
Examination Fri. 22 March-Fri.29 March 2019
Submission of result for vetting and endorsement Tues. 2nd April 2019
Students' retreat Wed. 3rd April 2019
Teachers retreat Thursday 4th April 2019
Vacation Fri. 5th April 2019
Cathedraticum Thur. 18th April 2019
Resumption for Staff(third term) Wed. 24 April 2019
Resumption for Students(third term) Sunday 28th April 2019

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